Why There’s a Tsunamic-Like Wave of International Schools Globally

International school Thailand

In the year 2000, the total number of international schools globally was at a paltry 2,584. Back then, these schools were exclusive to the kids of the moneyed and diplomats working abroad. Ordinary kids couldn’t secure enrolment and only had to settle for the local, government and private schools and academies.

But a decade later, a lot changed.

Not only did the numbers shoot by over five times; kids numbering more than a million chose to pursue their education in these particular schools. The number of schools more than doubled as the tide changed. Basically, the long-held perception that international schools belonged to the opulent, children of expatriates and diplomats had changed as these schools opened doors to everyone.

Today, the numbers keep increasing as the world opens up to the realization that international schools are far much superior compared to their their ordinary counterparts. In fact, it’s predicted that by 2020, more than 11,000 of these international schools will be home to more than five million kids.

They are a Global Game-Changer

International schools are revolutionizing the way kindergartens, elementary and high schools ought to work. In Asia, especially Singapore, Hong Kong, Thailand, and Malaysia, these institutions are taking root, serving as the best alternative to the non-English teaching local schools where kids can prosper.

Furthermore, with the world-class facilities and modern teaching methods that endear parents to these schools, kids find the schools a lot more amazing for their growth. The school’s focus on a 21st-century learner who, besides needed to excel in class, also understands the essence of being an all-rounder who also scores big in extra-curricular activities is a plus as well.

They’re where Individual Strengths and Talents are Prioritized

Some international schools in Thailand, for instance, have state-of-the-art campuses where kids are taught in-demand skills like coding and programming as well. The power behind all the new learning strategies has little to do with the foreign, relatively superior curricular they adhere to and more of the tremendous opportunities on offer later in life.

Many local parents who shun the cheaper local academies admit choosing international schools because of the many benefits they see. First, children develop holistically and exhibit great social, artistic and spiritual virtues. And, upon graduating in international schools, they tend to get immediate and direct access to prestigious colleges and universities abroad.

Success stories from pioneers attending international schools in Thailand, Vietnam and Malaysia have also had an impact on the growth of international schools. It is not easy to find someone who attended an international school, passed and went to university hunting for a job!

Because these schools have an intake limit, those that are available tend to fill up quickly. But even the growing demand for these schools that are instigating setting up more of them, there’s no doubt the numbers will keep rising.

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